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    Wiki Network with Neurology Expert/Scheduled EEG's

    Looking to network with a neurology coding expert! Needing written documentation guidance on billing scheduled EEG's. If the reason for the visit is a scheduled EEG unless separate identifiable E&M is documented the E&M is not billable. Correct? If anyone has any other billing guidance I...
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    Wiki Reimbursement same or different for same day procedure w/OV?

    I have been told that for a particular procedure billed to an insurance with and without an OV, the reimbursement would be less vs. if they were scheduled separately. If billed together we use with modifiers. Can someone kindly assist? Thank you, Karla
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    We had a patient scheduled for MVA follow up injury to his back. However, we he was seen he had very high blood pressure which was also treated at visit. Not sure how or to whom to bill. He is scheduled to be seen 3 days from now. Should I bill MVA only?