screening colonoscopy

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    Question HPI in E/M Leveling

    When leveling a GI office visit where the reason for the visit is to plan a screening colonoscopy with no presenting problems, what information are we allowed to use under the HPI section of an E/M Leveling sheet? My team lead and I are trying to determine if we can use "location" since we know...
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    Billing Screening Colonoscopy Work Up

    One of my providers is asking if he can bill a screening exam for a patient who ended up deciding not to have the colonoscopy performed. The patient did not present with any symptoms and was otherwise healthy, so the only diagnosis we have to bill is the Encounter For Screening Z12.11. I...
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    Screening colonoscopy via stoma

    Medicare patient has had a partial colectomy and creation of stoma for cancer. They now present for colon evaluation due to past history of colon cancer. Dr. performed procedure through stoma (44388). Does Medicare consider 44388 with Z85.038 (personal history of intestinal malignancy) a...