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    Wiki Moderate Conscious Sedation coding

    Hello, Tt's been almost a year since the implementation of these codes, but I am still unsure of the guidelines. We bill 99152 only (we don't see kids). We billed 99153 at the beginning but then found out that it's a PC/TC code. The time is not an issue. What I'm not sure is the pre-service work...
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    Wiki Nitrous use in Birth Center: Moderate Sedation - July 2017 HBM

    In this months journal the article on moderate sedation calculation for billing excited the birthing center world with the possibility of being compensated for the use of nitrous for laboring women. Currently patients have to pay out of pocket and although it is nominal, we certainly would like...
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    Wiki 2017 moderate sedation - multiple procedures, same dos

    Our physician is coding 45380 & 45385 with 99152 & 99153. Additionally, he's also coding 43235 with 99152. Does anyone know if we are allowed to bill 99152 twice? Also, if billed twice is modifier 59 appropriate on the second 99152? :confused:
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    Wiki What drugs are ok to code in the ED when coding Intubation w/ sedation drugs

    Hello, Can someone please shed some light on this? My question is what is allowed to be charged if a patient comes into the ER and needs to get intubated. The ER MD states in his/her procedure note that at 10am patient is intubated with Etomidate and Succinylcholine. At 10:52am they...
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    Encounter for preoperative examination.

    Encounter for preoperative examination Is it appropriate to code Z01.811 Encounter for pre-procedural respiratory examination and 99214. The office visit was for a pre-surgery exam on a child that is having dental surgery under sedation.
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    Wiki 99144 in an ASC

    My pain management doctor frequently performs procedures at an ASC and provides sedation (99144). However, I read a Q&A article in the September issue of Medicare Part B news ( that stated pain management doctors should not bill for...
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    Wiki Pre-Procedural Anxiety DX for Spinal Injections

    I code for a couple of anesthesiologists in a Pain Management practice who use sedation during epidural steroid injections, radiofrequencies, nerve root blocks, etc. to ensure that the patient's anxiety does not prevent them from correctly placing needles into the patient's spine. In order to...