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    Wiki Chronic Osteoporosis Fractures

    My osteoporosis specialist will often treat patients who have what he calls "chronic vertebral fractures" caused by osteoporosis. These fractures frequently are very old, but still apparently causing the patient pain. The patient is coming in to receive a Prolia injection and I need an...
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    Wiki Help with dog bite dx coding, please

    I have a patient who was seen in the ED and diagnosed with a dog bite of the right lower limb. The ED will use S91.351A as the accident code. Two days later the patient has presented again and been placed in observation but has now been diagnosed with cellulitis to the area of the bite. I...
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    Wiki Sequela fx with pain

    Can someone answer this for me? Patient comes in 18 months after pilon fx (healed). Patient now has pain in that ankle with no OA. Should I code: M25.572 and Z87.81 or M25.572 and S82.872S
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    Wiki Traumatic Nonhealing Wound and Sequela vs. Subsequent

    Good day, I was hoping someone could offer guidance on a sequela question. Let’s say a patient had a traumatic laceration of their right ankle over 30 days ago and returns for debridement and/or dressing care. The Wound is non-healing and there are co-morbid conditions affecting the healing...
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    Wiki sequela or subsequent

    I am really confused thought I had the initial sequela and subsequent down but not so sure now. This patient came into our facility for follow up on foot injury. Provider documented the patients presents today with right foot pain. Seen at a different facility for the initial treatment has a...