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    Wiki Roommate for 2018 HealthCon

    I know it's late notice, but I need a roommate (or two): ** 2-bedroom condo with a full kitchen, pool, hot tub, gas BBQs, firepit, laundry, fitness center, walk to Walmart ** Located just outside the west entrance to WDW ** You (and one adult female roommate) can have the master suite with a...
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    Wiki Prp rvus

    My provider has started doing PRP injections in the office. We are aware that the insurances do not cover 0232T and therefore we cannot find any work RVUs. Can anyone share with me what work RVUs your physicians are being assigned for this procedure? Please and thank you.
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    Wiki Help LE Angio's

    I hope this makes sense. My doctor does lower extremity angio's, artherectomy's and stent's. E.g. 37220-37229, at the local hospital. Obviously he gets the payment as service performed in a facility setting. My question is he wants to be a share holder in an outpatient/surgery center and do his...
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    Wiki G6015 and 77014

    Hello. We are seeing denials for this code combination with all payers. If you have any information you could share on this that would be awesome. Thank you for taking time to read and share.
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    Wiki new codes for 2016

    does anyone have a cheat sheet on the new codes and deleted ones for this year that you can share please
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    Wiki 99401-99404 Preventative medicine counseling and/or risk factor reduction interventio

    Has anyone used these codes 99401-99404? If so, can you please share how the payer reimbursing the service? Is this being counted as Preventative care on the patient's benefit and if patient only has one preventative care service (99391-99394) in a year, how does 99401-99404 affect the...
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    Wiki Looking to share a room

    Hello, this is my first conference and I'm looking to share a room- to cut my cost if you are interested please e-mail me Thank you
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    Wiki ENT Questions

    I would love to talk to another ENT coder. I have alot of questions but I also have some resourse books that I can also share with them.