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    Wiki Emergency room visits using t sheet

    When a patient is evaluated in the ER and a T sheet is filled out by a ER nurse and she documents Right Ear Pain. The physician then comes in and evaluates the patient and diagnosis Acute Ear Pain, but does not use laterality ie Right or Left. Can the coding be done as Right ear pain...
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    Wiki new codes for 2016

    does anyone have a cheat sheet on the new codes and deleted ones for this year that you can share please
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    Wiki Interventional Radiology Billing/Charge Sheet 2016

    Hello; I am looking for an updated charge/billing sheet for 2016 Interventional Radiology. Can someone please point me in the direction as to where I can find/buy it? Thank you so much for any guidance.
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    Wiki Auditing sheet for Ophthalmology

    I need assistance finding a good auditing form for Ophthalmology. I need assistance counting the bullets... any help is appreciate .
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    Wiki 1997 Audit Tool

    Does anybody know where or have a 1997 audit tool or sheet or form??? I did an internet search and it looks like all of them are 1995 based! :eek: