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    Wiki ICD-10 Code for recurrent physical trauma of skin

    Our LCD says that benign lesion removals (shaves, excisions, skin tags, destruction) will be covered when the "lesion is in an anatomical region subject to recurrent physical trauma and there is documentation that such trauma has in fact occurred." For example, documentation says, "lesion...
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    Wiki q7, q8, q9 modifiers......

    i am second guessing myself and just need some reasurrance as to what mod you would add to this: i am saying Q9. thoughts anyone?! this is a podiatry exam with a systemic disease. Vascular: dorsalis pedis pulses were ¼ equal and symmetrical bilateral. Posterior tibial pulse was nonpalpable...
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    Wiki Wide Excision of Malignant Neoplasm of skin, soft tissue, and muscle on chest wall

    I would appreciate any assistance in CPT coding of the following procedure note: This is on a MALE patient. Wide Excision of Malignant Neoplasm of skin, soft tissue, and muscle on chest wall 10cm Patient has been noncompliant with plan of treatment for right breast cancer. A 1.5 cm margins...
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    Wiki Skin brachytherapy

    Is anyone performing skin brachytherapy? If so, is Medicare and other payers paying? Reimbursement rate?
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    Wiki eye skin tag/eye skin lesion

    Can anyone review this and tell me what codes you get? The physician wants to use 11200 for procedure 1 and 11440 for procedure 2. The path report shows fibroepithelial polyp for both of these procedures. I would just like to see what others get for these. PREOP DIAGNOSIS:1. lesion on left...
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    Wiki Skin Lesion

    A skin lesion is removed from a patient's cheek in the office. The dr. documents Kin Lesion in the chart. Prior to billing, the pathology returns basal cell carcinoma. What do I code? Skin Lesion or basal cell carcinoma
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    Wiki Laceration Repair-Please help me

    Please help me in finding CPT code for below scenario. 2cm facial Laceration repaired skin with 5-prolene and 6-prolene. can we 12011?
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    Wiki Ear Canal closure

    Is there a specific code for closure of the ear canal, or is that included in the skin graft?
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    Wiki 33210 vs 33207-52 vs 33999

    Please see report below. This is the first time we have run across this procedure in our practice and I want to be sure that we get it coded correctly. "After the patient and site of implantation were prepped and draped in the usual sterile fashion and after adequate anesthesia was given, the...
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    Wiki Screening tests for skin cancer

    Are there any CPT or HCPCS codes specifically for the screening of skin cancers? I think I know the answer but I want to be sure.
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    Wiki skin tags/another request for help

    I had posted this on 1/11/2016 and got lots of views but no posts. Can someone help me? I think the secondary diagnosis should be R23.8 because the skin tags were being irritated by her clothing. Here is my previous post:Person had skin tags removed- CPT 11200. The diagnosis code used was L91.8...
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    Wiki skin tags - Person had skin tags

    Person had skin tags removed- CPT 11200. The diagnosis code used was L91.8 Skin tags, multiple acquired but secondary code was being required by insurance. Added secondary code L08.89 other specified local infection and insurance denied again. Can someone tell me what diagnoses should be used to...
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    Wiki Shave removal vs Skin Tag removal

    The physician performed 2 shave removals and 2 pathologies on what she believed were traumatized nevi. The pathologies came back both as skin tags and not nevi. Should we still code 11300, 11300-59 with 88304 X2 or should it be changed to 11200 Skin tag removal up to 15? If so, can we still...
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    Wiki Removal of benign lesion

    A patient was seen for removal of a benign skin lesion. I billed the insurance with CPT 11443 (excision benign skin lesion of face/ears/eyelids/nose/lips 2.1-3 cm). I received a denial stating a modifier is required for this code. I am unfamiliar with what modifier I am to use. I would really...
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    Wiki Bilateral laminectomies L4 to S3 63047?? OR 63030? 63035?? help please!!

    PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS(ES): Epidural lipomatosis with significant dural compression from L4- S3. POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS(ES): Epidural lipomatosis with significant dural compression from L4- S3. PROCEDURE(S)/OPERATION(S) PERFORMED: Bilateral laminectomy from L4-S3. SUMMARY: Under general...
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    Wiki Modifiers driving me insane

    I am having a problem with a skin graft wound closure surgery. The wounds were on both legs, measured 14 cm X 12.5 cm on right medial calf. Two on right lateral calf measure 2.5 X 2 cm and 2.5 X 1.8 cm. All are full-thickness wounds with granulation tissue clean and ready for grafting. These are...
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    Wiki Pressure Ulcers

    Hello coding friends, My issue is with the location of the pressure ulcer. The Dx goes as follows: Two Stage 1 pressure ulcers in gluteal cleft: Two ulcers 0.5 cm across in gluteal cleft, surrounded by white skin 1 cm across. Any help would be greatly appreciated Happy New Year!
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    Wiki Really need help! New at billing these

    Not sure how to bill this... Would it be 33210 and 33215? Pre-procedure Diagnoses 1. Pacemaker lead malfunction, initial encounter Post-procedure Diagnoses 1. Pacemaker lead malfunction, initial encounter Procedures 1. LEAD REVISION 2. TEMPORARY PACEMAKER INSERTION BRIEF...