1. T

    Humana denial

    Our patient underwent carpal tunnel surgery. Humana has denied the claim stating a modifier is required for this procedure. The other coder in our office & myself were discussing the fact that since ICD-10 has expanded diagnosis codes (like this one) to included specific location, is a...
  2. N

    ICD-10 code for "travel"?

    We have patients come in to get immunizations updated for foreign travel. The provider reviews their immunization records, history, etc, and so there is an E/M charge. I haven't found a code specific to "travel advice" so I've been using Z71.89 (other specified counseling). Most insurances...
  3. R

    Carefirst denial of codes 11422 and 11426

    Recently we have had claims denied for payment of Excision of benign lesions 11400 series. Dictation has been specific in documenting size and area of lesions. We are an ASC facility and these are ASC procedures. Has anyone else been denied payment for these procedures? or is Carefirst just...
  4. S

    Needing ICD 10 code for opioid induced constipation

    I cant find a ICD 10 code for opioid induced constipation - any suggestions? This is what I CAN find? K59.09 Other constipation T40.2X5 Adverse effect of other opioids T40.2X5A is a specific ICD-10-CM diagnosis code T40.2X5A …… initial encounter T40.2X5D is a specific ICD-10-CM diagnosis...
  5. J

    What's the best specialty?

    Hi What do you consider the best specialty? I was interested in oncology but someone with experience told me there aren't alot of oncology specific jobs. What's in demand? What keeps you busy? What do you think is the best paying specialty? Any info appreciated Judy
  6. A

    ICD-10 for Mucous Cyst?

    Has anyone been able to find a code for Mucous Cyst? ICD-10 does not appear to have a specific code for it. I was thinking of going with "Epidermal" cyst, since the cyst being excised technically is in the skin (as opposed to a joint/ or bone cyst). But I thought ICD-10 was supposed to be MORE...
  7. R


    Is there a specific code for a Tufts Fracture of toe?
  8. D

    Critical Care Laminented pocket tool

    Does anyone have or know of a reference for a critical care laminated pocket tool? I looking for one specific to ONLY critical care. Thanks! Diana
  9. D

    fall codes

    When a person falls and has been treated at the ER and then follows up with their family dr should the fall be used as initial encounter? If a person falls and not specific to where the patient fell is it ok to submit the claim without the place where it happened?
  10. jshields

    Gardasil Feedback?

    Has anyone had any feedback with the new Gardasil(HPV) vaccine? Any major reimbursement issues? Any specific carrier problems?