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    For sphenocath to the sphenopalatine ganglion and Trigeminal nerve what code to use? im getting mixed information. some say 64400 and 64505. others say 64999. They got both sides and both procedures on the same day for medicare.
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    SPG Block (64505 and 64400) using SphenoCath

    What is the correct way to bill for a SPG Block that is done with the SphenoCath device? The SphenoCath device rep provided the following response when I suggested the correct code was the unlisted code (64999) since the SphenoCath uses an intranasal approach to deliver topical lidocaine to the...
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    SPG block using Sphenocath

    Has anybody had any experience with coding for administration of lidocaine through a sphenocath for treatment of headaches. It has been suggested to use 64505 which is an injection of the sphenopalatine ganglion. However, it appears that Lidocaine is pushed through the cath and absorbed...