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    Question Closed treatment of nasal bone fracture with stabilization 21320

    The provider treated the nasal fracture and then used Steri-Strips on the bridge of the nose for stabilization. Is it appropriate to bill 21320? I can only find where splits and nasal packing are appropriate. Thanks in advance.
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    Billing Q codes with multiple units

    What are the maximum amount of units payable for Q codes (example: Q4045) by insurance companies? When my doctor puts a splint on a patient, our billing department is trying to bill multiple units of supply Q codes to one splint application code for reimbursement. For example: Dr. places a...
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    Billing CPT application of off-the-shelf splint.

    Does anyone have the literature on why the Emergency department physician can not bill CPT codes in the 29xxx series if the splint is off-the-shelf or pre-fabricated?
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    Fracture Care Globals

    We are having a discussion in our office as to just when fracture care begins. The providers are under the assumption that if they apply a splint, they are not assuming fracture care, but once they place a cast, they have assumed fracture care. Even if the splint was applied by the same...
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    29105 vs L3961

    I work with therapists who make custom splints. For some splints I'm not sure if I should use an L code or a 29000 code. Can some one give me your thoughts? Thanks Susan