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    Question Walking boot for ankle sprain denied as "routine"?

    Hello, We gave a patient a Walking Boot with the sprained ankle diagnosis and UHC is denying this as "not covered when considered routine". I am attempting to appeal this but I'm not sure why this would be even considered routine on their part? Has anyone had experience with this? Thank you !
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    coding from chart notes

    Our doctors push ICD-10 codes that show up on the chart notes. If he pushes a pain code but the body of the notes state patient has a sprain, etc. I have been coding the sprain or fracture or whatever based on the dictated note not on the code he pushes. ??? Anybody else have issues with this.
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    Ankle Fracture with Sprain

    Hello, Just wanted to see what is the proper way to code the following: Patient fractures medical malleolus and has an ankle sprain (both occurred at the same time, same ankle). Would code everything under the fracture care or would you code the fracture under a fracture care code and the...