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    Wiki Long-term drug use question

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    Wiki Duration Of Mechanical Vent for ICD10-PCS

    If a patient is intubated in the field and comes to the ED, placed on the ventilator in ED and later admitted, when do you count the start of the ventilator time? Coding clinic states that if the patient is intubated PTA, the start time for counting duration is the time of admission. Is that...
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    Wiki Practicode - passed my certification

    Has anyone done the Practicode? I purchased it with my package and now that I'm through with my class, my icd-10 proficiency and passed my certification, while I'm job-hunting, I thought I'd start it... it looks like it's doubled?? Both icd-9 (original) and new icd-10 cases?? anyone?? How does...
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    Wiki Start button for proficiency test not visible?

    Start button for proficiency test is the title hyperlink! found it
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    Wiki 7th Character "A" and "D" HELP!!

    I would like to get some clarification on the use of ICD-10's 7th character "A" and "D". Its pretty self explanatory when a patient presents in the Emergency room or when an initial surgery is performed, the 7th character is "A" because they are receiving active treatment. What about in the...