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    Wiki Subchondroplasty

    Good morning, I have a coding question regarding operative fixation of a medial femoral condyle and/or medial tibial plateau insufficiency fracture(s) via injectable calcium phosphate cement with fluoroscopic and/or arthroscopic aid. I have attached a copy of a scrubbed operative report and the...
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    Wiki Unlisted codes per the Current Trends in Arthroscopic Surgery webinar

    After reviewing the webinar I was hoping to get a response from Lynn Anderanin on these: What comparison code do you recommend for the unlisted hip procedures: * IT band release * Gluteus repair * Tronchanteric Bursectomy These are normally performed in conjunction with the 29914, 29916 or...
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    Wiki subchondroplasty for assistant surgeons

    the new Zimmer subchondroplasty procedure that uses an unlisted code 27599 we are having trouble with reimbursement and especially for the assistant surgeon. Has anyone has any experience or recommendations for this procedure? Thanks in advance
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    Wiki How to bill for subchondroplasty

    Looking for references on how to bill subchondroplasty