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    Wiki Diagnosis not documented on DOS

    We are doing profee billing for hospital care services. For the initial hospital care (99221-99223) visit documentation states that patient came into the hospital and was found to have an Acute Kidney Injury secondary to Rhabdomyolysis. Coders reported N17.9 (AKI) for this encounter, not...
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    Wiki Denials for Subsequent Hospital Care (99231 - 99233)

    Hello, Our billing team has been receiving denials from several payers on our Subsequent Hospital Encounter claims (99231-99233). The denials we receive state something along the lines of the code being incident to the primary procedure code or being bundled. Per the CPT book these codes are to...
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    Wiki patient can not be discharged due to placement issues

    Already have been resolved. Thank you
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    Wiki 7th character- intial vs subsequent

    General question- I work for an orthopedic practice and pts come to us with acute injuries, however these injuries are most always treated in the emergency room first- labeling that visit the initial encounter. When they seek treatment with us for the first time is that still considered initial...
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    Wiki Bronchoscopy reimbursement

    :confused:Our pulmonologist questions how payment will be affected when she performs a bronch and wants to bill for subsequent care at the hospital on the same date of service. For our Medicare patients, I have found that reimbursement has not been cut when billed with M-25. Do you have any...