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    Initial vs Subsequent Visit

    Patient banged leg and skinned it resulting in edema and shallow wounds. They may have visited another hospital/office (unclear in documentation) and kept a dressing on the leg, using hydrogen peroxide to clean it daily. However, the wounds have failed to progress and therefore was seen by their...
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    Initial vs. subsequent encounter

    Sometimes we see patients from the ER for follow-up wound care. For example a patient got stitches and bandages at the ER for an arm laceration, then was seen by us a few days later for a wound check and bandage change. Is this a subsequent encounter since the patient initially got care at the...
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    Subsequent Hospital Visit and Discharge Management on Same Day

    Need help on this please. Thanks! :) How should the physician bill if they provide subsequent hospital care visit before the patient dies on the same day? I know that physicians may not bill for both a hospital visit and hospital discharge management for the same date of service. Scenario: On...
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    Denials for Subsequent Hospital Care (99231 - 99233)

    Hello, Our billing team has been receiving denials from several payers on our Subsequent Hospital Encounter claims (99231-99233). The denials we receive state something along the lines of the code being incident to the primary procedure code or being bundled. Per the CPT book these codes are to...
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    Global Period Question

    Hello, If a resident or a fellow (non-billable) from Urology performs a major surgery (90 day global period), can the following days (subsequent visits) be billed by the Urology Attending physician since the Attending did not perform the surgery? Please advise. Thanks, Mary V., RHIA, CPMA
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    E/M coding... please help newbie!

    I'm going to ask a stupid question (I've only been doing E/M for a couple months on the job, and I'm first coder here), because for some reason this isn't entirely obvious to me. I have an MD who did an inpatient consult, and then did a "followup" of patient in the SNF 2 weeks later. Do I code...