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    cryoblation in CT

    is there a way to bundle for supplies used in CT or is it better to bill all supplies separate?
  2. D

    cast change 29075 and q4009

    can cast change be billed in the post op period? along with cast supplies? does anyone know
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    DME Oxygen Supplies

    We recently started providing oxygen to patients in home. Some are rentals others are owned. I am confused as to what we can charge for when equipment is rented and owned. I am being told to bill for every little thing we use including tank refills, adapters, peep valves, filter kits, airway...
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    Billing Supplies for ASC

    Can anyone recommend a website, class, or book to help decide what supplies can be billed for an ASC? I know everything is included for Medicare but commercial carriers can be billed for special supplies/implants. I am very confused as far as epidural needles, catheters, blades, things that are...
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    Implant billing

    My ASC has always had trouble getting paid for implants.. One problem I am faced with is that it is my understanding Medicare's definition of an implant is a device that replaces a body part. ex- prosthetic hip /knee .... Our payer contracts include the "words" implant reimbursement at a...