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    Wiki Help with CPT Code - greatly appreciated

    What would be the best CPT code for debridement of 4 porokeratosis lesions on the plantar aspect of the left foot? I was looking at the 17xxx code range, but I don't see where they support the dx code Q82.8. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The provider used trichloroacetic acid...
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    Wiki Cpt for cardiopulmonary bypass support only

    Does any one know if there is a CPT for Cardiopulmonary Bypass Support only? One of my surgeons had to put a patient on Cardiopulmonary Bypass for another surgeon doing a Nephrectomy & I cannot for the life of me find a stand alone code. The only ones I have found are the add on codes for the...
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    Wiki 64640 or 64999

    My doctor is wanting to do a RFA of the coccyx. I am leaning toward this being a 64999 instead of a 64640. Does anyone have support for which code is correct??