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    modifers XE, XU

    Does anyone have any examples as to how these two modifiers are actually supposed to be used? We are having questions, since we are uncertain as to their proper use. Thank You!
  2. M

    Diagnosis Coding - 3 degenerative joint disease

    I am working on Practicode. I have a note which says that the pre-op diagnosis is a torn lateral meniscus of the right knee. The post-op diagnosis is grade 3 degenerative joint disease of the primary knee. Am I supposed to code both in this case? Also, I have another question. Am I supposed to...
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    DRG coding in an ASC??

    :confused: Hello, I was told today that you are supposed to use DRG codes when you bill for work comp procedures in an ASC setting. I have never heard of that before. Does any one know if that is the case. If not, where could I get some documentation to back myself up?