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    I&D suture granuloma

    I am struggling with how to code this... Postop diagnosis: Foreign body cyst/ granuloma reaction post total knee arthroplasty. Operation performed was I&D, removal of foreign body suture/cyst/granuloma. Procedure summary: Left leg prepped and draped in usual sterile fashion. Time out...
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    Suture Protruding in OD/ Post Corneal Graft x7 years ago

    Hello everyone, I need some help on this one. A patient was seen in one of our clinics today that was referred over to us from an urgent care. They had opened a L&I suspecting it was a work injury. Turns out the patient had a corneal graft done 7 years ago for Keratoconus and now has a stitch...
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    Help coding laparoscopic repair of parastomal hernia with mesh

    From what I am finding, I should bill unlisted 50949 and like it to 50728. The provider says it should be billed as unlisted 49659 and like it to 44346. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have included a copy of the OP note. PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Parastomal hernia POSTOPERATIVE...
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    The suture holding a patient's percutaneous drain

    The suture holding a patient's percutaneous drain came loose and my doctor placed a new suture. Do we simply bill for an office visit?
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    suture repair

    Patient had a suture repair of a small opening in the apical upper lobe mechanical pleurodesis, , would cpt code code cpt code 32650 be the right choice ?