1. M

    Wiki ROS acceptable or not----Adivce please

    Hi, Is this acceptable or not? Provider uses a form for the Review of systems that patient fills out. There is only 8 systems listed with the associated symptoms listed with it. The patient is suppose to circle all that applies or has experienced recently; which in this case nothing is...
  2. ljones88

    Wiki New CPT codes being denied by commercial carriers

    Hi all, We recently came across a few claims denials with Coventry. They are denying 92537 and 92538 as non-covered. Of course we have reached out to our provider reps to inquire when Coventry will have their systems updated but we are still pending a response from them. For now, we're sending...
  3. J

    Wiki Aviacode Inpatient Facility Coder (remote)

    Aviacode Inpatient Facility Coder (remote) Aviacode is looking for a handful of experience Inpatient (MS-DRG) coders. This is for a remote Contract-1099 coding position. Responsible for assigning diagnosis and procedure codes to patient charts of moderate to high complexity using ICD-10 CM/PCS...