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    Wiki Performing an IME and Taking x-rays

    My doctor, in Nevada, has just recently started performing IME's and usually takes x-rays when doing so. Is there a modifier that needs to be used for those x-rays?
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    Wiki G6015 and 77014

    Hello. We are seeing denials for this code combination with all payers. If you have any information you could share on this that would be awesome. Thank you for taking time to read and share.
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    Wiki 2 Anesthesiologists, 1 Case

    When one anesthesiologist of the same group takes over for another anesthesiologist, the case can be billed in one of two ways; provider who started the case or the one with the most time spent on the case. Taking a poll to see which one is the preferred method. Thanks for your responses.
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    Wiki Taking the AAPC CPMA course, wondering????

    I'm currently taking the AAPC online CPMA course, but I'm wondering would it beneficial to purchase the study guide as well? if so, what is the benefit? Thanks in advance.
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    Wiki Exam Prep Helpful Tips/Advice

    I am preparing to take my first CPC exam soon and would like helpful advice on taking this exam.