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    Wiki Non-injury coding for Meniscus tears

    I would appreciate some help understanding how to code for Meniscus tears that are NOT INJURIES..... Since we don't have the old ICD-9 codes for over exertion, etc ....how would you code for ex: S83.242A S83.241A Patient states knees started hurting 6 months ago.... I understand how to code...
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    Wiki Medial meniscus tears

    I'm billing for the radiologist for an MRI knee and the diagnosis given is medial and lateral meniscal tears. The report doesn't say anything about an injury so I don't think I can use the diagnosis codes S83.241A? Correct? The report must state injury or current injury to use these diagnosis...
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    Wiki Coding Meniscus tears

    I would like some help coding Meniscus tears....How would you code this tear (S83.203A) if it's from years of repetitive motion? There are no codes in ICD-10 for repetitive motions.... I would appreciate anyone's input on this.. Thanks, Merry Christmas to all.. Terri D., CPC
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    Wiki 29846 vs 29847

    Patient has scapholunate ligament tear which is repaired with Kwires through scope. The CPT would be 29847, correct? Dr always gives me 29846 which I thought was only for TFCC tears. Please advise. Thank you,