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    Wiki NC Medicaid help please?

    We have an ENT dr that does procedures in our facility (ASC), we are having an issue when he does a T&A (42820) or Tympanostomy (69436) along with any 30802,30930, or 30140... We get paid by commercial carriers however NC Medicaid doesnt pay but for the primary procedure. I am thinking this is...
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    Wiki exostectomy of iliac crest

    Can anyone tell me which to use for exostectomy of iliac crest enthesopathy? I was thinking either 27070 or 27065?? Cathie
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    Wiki Haglund's Deformity - in Adult

    Hello, Can anyone tell me what code I would use for Haglund's Deformity Right Wrist in a 60 year old female. I can only come up with M77.31 but it says Juvenile. So I am thinking that would not be correct. It also directs me to Osteochondrosis (juvenile,tarus) or would I go with...