timely filing

  1. J

    Question When a primary insurance recoups and reprocess after timely filing

    I’ve always been under the impression that if a primary insurance recoups and reprocesses after timely filing, we can submit a corrected claim to the secondary showing the payment changed with the latest EOB from the primary. My question is, the secondary is denying it stating it should have...
  2. MeanderingMichigander

    Timely filing when patient DID NOT update insurance

    Howdy :) A patient was originally seen about a year ago and provided no insurance information. They made a couple small payments on the 2 bills over the course of a year. Then, they called almost a full year after originally seen and, "Oh! Here's my insurance - bill it, please!" Ugh. So...
  3. MonarchMedBill

    What to do with patient balance?

    Hi guys! I work in a physician network for a set of physicians. One of our physicians did a bariatric consult. He did not sign/lock the progress notes until 117 days after the DOS. The insurance is UHC and our contract states timely filing is 95 days. In our office, this tends to happen...