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    Question Total lap colectomy-- please help, i'm leaning towards unlisted, my supervisor wants me to bill as lap colectomy..

    Post-op Diagnosis * Constipation [K59.00] Procedures * COLECTOMY TOTAL LAPAROSCOPIC, ILEORECTAL ANASTOMOSIS, LYSIS OF ADHESIONS Due to the complex nature of this case I will be using an assistant surgeon. Assistant assisted with the surgery by performing tasks are not limited to the...
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    help with total contact cast (29445) and unna boot (29580) in wound care

    can anyone give me a circumstance when it would be appropriate to code both debridement 11042-11047 and total contact cast (29445) since they bundle, this is in a outpatient wound care place of service
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    Total Shoulder Converted to a Reverse Total Shoulder

    Has anyone every experienced this? We have a new doctor that specializes in converting total shoulders to reverse total shoulders. Would I bill it as 23474 because they are technically revising both the humeral and glenoid component or would I use an unlisted code? Thanks!
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    Total hip replacement infection

    I am not sure if I am correct on code selection on this one. The coding software I have shows the code we authed does not pair with the dx but the code I picked does. The doctor states he did an irrigation and debridement of the left hip post total hip arthroplasty (this is still in the global...