1. C

    EHR Training

    I'm on the job market, and I have been told by more than one employer that I interviewed with that the reason I was passed over was because I lack training and/or experience with electronic health records. Would anyone in this forum be able to recommend any sort of training program that I could...
  2. B

    Training on APCs

    Does anyone have a suggestion on a resource for some high-level training on APCs? I have a team of government audit coordinators - but they don't have a coding background. It would be helpful for them to have a high level, general understanding of how APCs work so they can understand better...
  3. K

    Newly certified can't find job

    I live in Las Vegas and have been applying all over the country for a coding job. I have my CPC-A and CCA and am studying for the CCS. It seems I made a huge mistake at my age investing in this direction. I have had my resume reviewed and have applied for anything and everything to get my foot...
  4. L

    Are You Ready for Real-world Coding?

    I don't feel ready for real-world coding. I passed the CPC exam last month and I'm doing Practicode now. My scores are all over the place. Medical coding is a long-term goal and a stepping stone for me to start a medical billing company after I retire in a few years. When I feel "proficient" at...
  5. J

    Facility Billing Tutor Needed

    I have 20 years experience working in billing (professional), bookkeeping and medical software training. I am looking for training in facility billing only. All the billing classes I look at are for both the professional and facility components. Any course suggestions or someone willing to...
  6. S

    Interventional radiology training courses

    Hi All, I am taking on a new role at work which involves reviewing IR charges to ensure the proper procedures was performed and billed. I'm looing for a course in IR that will lay the foundation to understanding the services and as well as information on documentation and coding. Any...
  7. Tami_F

    Studying for CDEO

    So far, there aren't any training materials available for this new certification. I'm anxious to get studying - does anyone have suggestions on where to start?
  8. M

    DSMT G0108 and G0109

    I recently was asked about a scenario where a Medicare patient received 30 minutes of individualized training (G0108) and 45 minutes of group training (G0109) both performed on the same day. I am not able to find anything in writing that states if both codes could be reported on the same day...
  9. D

    Spine Surgery Coding-Can anyone please

    Can anyone please point me in the right direction to get training in spinal procedures? Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.
  10. D

    Spine Coding

    Can anyone please point me in the right direction to get training in spinal procedures? Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.
  11. S

    third party medical biller

    Looking for 3rd party medical biller, great opportunity to get experience as you are going to school for medical billing. Will pay for training. please email me at
  12. V

    Training a Doc on E&M Doc.

    I've been working on coding & documentation with my physician for more than a year now, but haven't seen much change/improvement in understanding or execution. There's some implied pressure to use his choice of E&M codes, in spite of documentation deficiencies (we are experiencing decreased...