1. baroquecoder

    Wiki E/M with Treadmill

    TMT was planned and was stated as chief complaint. Reason for procedure; palpitations. An Exam and ROS are done Impression: palpitations. Does an ROS and Examination done on same day as a planned TMT, qualify as an E/M? 99214-25 + 93016 + 93018. Thanks!
  2. S

    Wiki ESE without resting echo

    The cardiologist I code for just started doing exercise stress echocardiograms without doing a complete resting echo. The echo tech does a quick baseline echo while the patient is at rest (no report is generated) then the tech does the stress echo while patient is on the treadmill. SUMMARY...
  3. F

    Wiki NP's and treadmill stress tests

    Question has come up today.... can an NP bill for a stress test?
  4. M

    Wiki 78414

    My office bills 93015 and 78414-TC (the equipment is ours and in our office) for exercise treadmill test in our nuclear dept. For some reason this past mo ins in not wanting to pay for the 78414-TC, I haven't narrowed it down to what ins and if it is just a random basis though I did just checked...