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    CPT code for lipoma removed during carpal tunnel release

    The physician did an open carpal tunnel release. He deepened the incision through the subcutaneous fat. Then there was a lipoma present over the transverse carpal tunnel ligament in which he removed. Can you bill the removal of the lipoma in addition to the carpal tunnel release? If so what CPT...
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    Hel with Orthopedic Surgery Coding Request 1. Right hand crush 2. Extensor pollicis longus tear 3. Extensor digitorum tear to the ring and small fingers 4. Extensor carpi ulnaris tear 5. Comminuted distal ulnar fracture 6. Distal radial ulnar joint disruption and dislocation 7. Perilunate...
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    Cubital tunnel release / anconeus epitrochlearis ?? Is this included with CPT code

    Need to clarify if when the patient is found to have anconeus epitrochlearis and the physician excises this, is this part of the cubital tunnel release or is there another CPT code that needs to be billed with the 64718? Thank you.
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    Tarsal Tunnel Release with Plantar Fasciectomy

    If a surgeon performed a Tarsal Tunnel Release and a Plantar Fasciectomy through the same incision, can the codes be billed separately? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!