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    Wiki Coding pressure ulcer stages, should ICD stage be updated during healing process?

    For wound care, we are asking our providers to updated their ICD-10 codes when a wound changes stages. Example Sacral pressure ulcer stage 4 at initial assessment, but as services are being rendered, after a few visits, the staging is now at a stage 3. ICD should be updated to reflect Sacral...
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    Wiki Vulvar Resection Ulcer

    Hi all, I have been going in circles with this procedure and would appreciate any help/advice! Our provider performed a "right vulvar resection" for a non-healing ulcer of the vulva. The body of the report reads: "The labia was marked with a pen so that the entire non-healing ulcer could be...
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    Wiki Ulcer Code with Venous Stasis

    Our doctor gave a code of L97.322 Ulcer Ankle Left w∕ Fat Exposed which requires the underlying condition to be coded first. He also gave us I87.8 which is Venous Stasis. Per what I read in the ICD 10 book, venous stasis does not fit the criteria to be used an underlying condition for this ulcer...
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    Wiki documentation of ulcer sizes with debridement

    Is there any guidelines stating if an ulcer size needs to be documented before or after debridement? My General Surgery office documents size prior to debridement but a coworkers Plastic Surgeon office documents size after debridement. Or should they both be documenting before and after sizes...
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    Wiki Need help ICD-10

    what is the ICD 10 code for cameron ulcer ?
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    Wiki wound care-trauma wound

    If the doctor states in the patient note that the patient has a non healing trauma wound, yet the doctor coded it as a Non-Pressure chronic ulcer L97-, which would be the correct way to code it. I am thinking to code it as a trauma wound S- series code, but can a non healing trauma wound convert...
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    Wiki non pressure and pressure ulcers

    i know this may sound like a dumb question but i just want to clarify....does the physician have to document "pressure ulcer" if they are documenting the stage? also when they are documenting a non pressure ulcer and saying it is partial thickness or full thickness is this ok? or do they have to...
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    Wiki coding stage of foot ulcer

    Complaint: Pt presents with chronic right foot ulcer that is painful and non-healing. Exam: Right foot with stage 2-3 non-healing plantar ulcer. Has partial left foot amputation. (No further description provided.) Assessment: 1. Diabetes. 2. Foot ulcer. Cleaned and dressed wound. Referral to...
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    Wiki EGD w/APC therapy

    What procedure code would you use for this example? EGD with APC therapy for non-bleeding duodenal ulcer.