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    Wiki Need dx help from experienced mental health coders--please help!!

    I am assigned the coding for the neuropsychologist at our health care organization, and I have very little experience in this area. I'm having an obstacle when it comes to diagnosis coding for CPT 90791. Many of the patients in question are diagnosed with delirium, F05. This dx code requires...
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    Wiki modifers XE, XU

    Does anyone have any examples as to how these two modifiers are actually supposed to be used? We are having questions, since we are uncertain as to their proper use. Thank You!
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    Wiki diagnosis coding for biopsy

    Patient comes in and has a biopsy I was taught in class to wait until the Path is recd back to bill with the correct dx. The physician I work for states we should bill with d48.5, Neoplasm, uncertain behavior. Which is correct and what do you do? If anyone knows where I can find it in black...