1. D

    Unspecified codes and medical records

    Hello. Relatively new to the coding world and experiencing some confusion on our team regarding the use of unspecified codes that have previously been used in the patient's past medical record/history as a specified version. (Example: Unspecified A-Fib for this encounter, but the pt has...
  2. P

    Misc J code with description that is longer than 80 characters

    I anticipate billing a new drug using j3490. I know I need to put the description information, Name, generic name, route of administration, dose in Box 19. All of this info will be more than 80 characters. Is there somewhere else I can put the information, or should I abbreviate certian things?
  3. Rebecca Pate

    Vitamin D Deficiency and Medicaid

    Since Medicaid does not accept any unspecified codes, and the only code available for Vitamin D Deficiency is unspecified (E55.9), what is everyone doing? Can we not ever use this for Medicaid? Any help would be appreciated. :confused::cool:
  4. M

    New born Coding

    What is the exact code for unspecified phimosis in newborn ?
  5. S

    ICD-10 Abdominal

    Need help! What is the code for Anterior Abdominal Open Wound? We have no other information. Need an unspecified code, other or NOS.
  6. C

    29999 for Popliteal Tendon Release

    I have a case where patient presents with an abscess on popliteal tendon which is being treated via arthroscopic surgical technique post total knee arthoplasty. The Ortho performed a 29884 athroscopy and added a 29999-51 for popliteal tendon release asking that it be considered similarly to a...