1. A

    Adnexal pseudoaneurysm diagnosis

    Hi all, I'm looking for the best ICD 10 code for andexal pseudoaneurysm of the uterus. That's all the information I can get from the provider. It'd be a shame to use an other specified code.
  2. AlyssaM907

    Uterus weight for hysterectomy

    So I've been trying to find clarification online...but haven't found anything so far. I'm new to OB/GYN coding and have found I have a problem reading a little too much in between the lines and making sure my codes fit EXACTLY. With that being said: On my path report the pathologist states she...
  3. D

    hysterectomy with colpopexy

    I would like to get some input on how others would code this operative note. Thanks in advance. Patient taken to OR. Endotracheal anesthesia obtained without any complication. Prepared in sterile fashion. Put into dorsal lithotomy position. Weighted speculum inserted into the vagina. The cervix...
  4. T

    Wiki adnexal cyst.. dx code...??

    What dx code would you use for a adnexal cyst?
  5. mrssnail

    Placement of Balloon Tamponade

    I have just been asked a question about which CPT code you would use to bill for a patient who was brought to L&D 11 hours after delivery. Patient put under anesthesia. 800cc of clot expressed. Explored uterus, found to have a hemorrage in the uterus, hemorrage repaired, bleeding stable, Balloon...