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    Question Billing Medicare when VA Authorizes partial services

    Questions for those of you with more knowledge of Medicare vs VA for Acute Inpatient Care in Medicare-certified facility. I don't see clear answers on these issues in CMS's IOM. A client (Medicare-certified Acute Care facility) asks, for patients with both Medicare and VA benefits: 1) Where VA...
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    Question VA requiring SSN to submit claims?

    Has anyone else recently experienced VA claims bouncing back from their clearing house when the patient's SSN is not used as the member ID number (HCFA box 1a)? We were originally advised to put the VA authorization number in this box for claims going to Optum. However, when we submit them this...
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    Coding for VA hospital

    Does anyone know if VA coding positions are remote or if you have to work on site? I know that there are positions with contract companies for VA coders and you can work remotely but I'm wondering about actually working at a VA hospital. Any info would be great. Thanks!