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    Coding/Billing infusion drugs with 2 NDC#'s.

    Occasionally when I am coding the infusions in our office the drug will be pulled from 2 vials with different NDC#'s. When entering the information for billing there is only room for 1 NDC. Below is an example: OXALIPLATIN (J9263) 40ml comes from - 63323-0212-20 Oxaliplatin 5 mg/mL 20 mL...
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    Allergy immunotherapy vials 95165

    Our allergist prepares her own immunotherapy vials for her patients' allergy shots. We bill out CPT 95165 for the professional preparation of multi-dose vials. Many of our patients have multiple allergies so the antigens are mixed in several separate vials (it's not possible to put it all...