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    Coding help needed for denied modified Weil

    My physician performed a Fusion 1st MT right, Modified Weil Osteotomy 2nd MT right and Arthroplasty 2nd right. Diagnoses were Hallux Valgus, Plantar Flexed MT, and Hammertoe. I coded this surgery as 28750 (T5) / M20.11 28308 (T6, 59) / M20.5x1 28285 (T6, 59) / M20.41 I have a claim...
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    Plantar Plate Repair

    I've seen multiple threads about CPT coding for plantar plate repair done in conjunction with a Weil osteotomy, in which most people suggest using an unlisted code, while some recommend using 28313 or 28200. Does anyone have any professional articles or references related to coding a plantar...