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    97602 is there another code like this that is not an e&m

    I am trying to answer a question on a test and can't use E&M, only CPT, ICD10CM and Modifiers. 97602 is the best match I can find but it's not scrubbing. All that was done was a dressing change in the ER. Can anyone point me on the right path, I'm at a loss.
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    Wound Care Center

    I have been researching for specific info on billing when services are rendered in a Wound Care Center. My MD will be going to a Wound Care Center once a week for possible debridements to patients, could I still use the codes 11042-11047 with POS 11? POS 22? POS 49?
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    Anyone know if you can bill 97610 per wound or is it a code you can only bill once per day no matter how many wounds it is used on?