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    Wiki Wrong procedure code was precerted

    Can someone please clarify this for me. Our front desk employee precerted a pts sx with code 58570...hysterectomy without BSO. After I got the op note in the billing dept I didn't realize the wrong code was precerted so I coded it correctly with 58571 with BSO. So we got the denial from the...
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    Wiki ? abuse , use , remission

    so if a patient has doc. IVDA positive heroin and the provider states in rehab would this be coded f1120? I could not find any history if IVDA. I might be wrong but I thought icd 9 had history
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    Wiki Vaccine for children

    Can somebody help me with the State supplied vaccine for children Modifier. I`ve been using the Mod SS for more than a year, all of the sudden mostly of the NJHEALTH claims have been denied for wrong Modifier. Can also somebody give an example on how to post a well visit with vaccines
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    Wiki How many correct to pass?

    Does anyone know what the minimum score is to pass? By my math, which I suck at, I came out with 60/75 at least...is that right, or am I wrong? 75 questions, minus 20%...you have to get at least 60 questions correct??
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    Wiki ICD-10 CM Assessment Test

    Dear All, Today i appeared for ICD-10 CM assessment and i cleared it with 70 out of 75. But i want to know the wrong answers. Is there any way to know the wrong answers. Thanks Ravi
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    Wiki Vaccine Error (wrong one given)

    A provider made an error and gave a patient the wrong vaccine. Is there an icd-9 code to reflect this or would it only be coded with a misadventure if the patient had a reaction?