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    Wiki Z02.89 denials

    We help a lot of refugees at our clinic and our providers keep using Z02.89- Encounter for other administrative examinations as the Primary DX for their initial Refugee Health Visit. Medicaid keeps denying all of our claims though for "This service is not covered under your plan." I called...
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    Wiki Medical Exam for Psychiatric Hospital Admission

    Hello all, I have a physician who provides medical assessments for patients who have been admitted to a local psychiatric hospital. Frequently, there is no medical diagnosis, as the patient has no medical complaints or symptoms. In those circumstances, I am billing an inpatient initial...
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    Wiki Z02.89 to report something done but not send by a claim.

    Hi: Somebody could help me with this? I have a doubt regarding Z02.89 use. It is an encounter for administrative purpose. Can I use it to report a HEDIS measure performed but not reported to Health Plan? i.e. A pt had an eye exam for Diabetic retinopathy screening, the report is in the chart...