1. E

    Coding Clinic States use Z12.11 on High Risk Screening Colonoscopy???

    I reviewed documentation from a recent AskMueller seminar of GI coding and billing and it states to assign Z12.11 screening for malignant neoplasm as the primary diagnosis code for high risk screening colonoscopy, stating a surveillance colonoscopy is a screening colonoscopy. I had never heard...
  2. Lisa Griffin

    colonoscopy screening vs colonoscopy diagnostic

    Hi, Question, we seem to be having some confusion when it comes to ordering colonoscopies. For simple, asymptomatic patients who just need a screening we are using Z12.11 plus 45378. It seems that this confuses some of our patients when they see that 45378 is colonoscopy, diagnostic. If we are...
  3. T

    G0105 Billed with dx Z12.11

    I am sure that this has been hashed out over and over with little clarity on the internet and in posts. Case in point: Medicare patient with Crohn's. No Crohn's symptoms for over a year. Obviously high risk, G0105. Patient comes in for a screening colonoscopy. The question.. Is using...
  4. M

    Family history - I am having problems with icd 10

    I am having problems with icd 10 code z80.0 denying stating not a valid code. Is anyone else having that problem? The patient is having a screening scope, so i used the z12.11 first then i used the z80.0 as father had colon cancer. The z80.0 is denying as invalid. Suggestions?