-52? attempted meniscal root repair with ACL reconstruction


Smyrna, TN
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Good morning,

My ortho surgeon performed ACL reconstruction and attempted to also perform meniscal root repair.
He didn't have the correct instruments to perform the root repair but managed it and had a small fx , then after reconstructing the ACL compromised the root repair and it was removed.

"This did achieve a repair of the root into the tunnel. This anchor is placed by first using a punch and then preferably a tap. However, a tap is not available, so I placed the anchor without tapping and there was a small cortical fracture that did not appear to compromise the stability of the anchor."

"I confirmed that the suture that had placed for the meniscal repair was removed and the repair was no longer secure for the meniscal root. I decided at
this point that I would recommend to the patient that we come back at a later time to perform a root repair with the appropriate equipment available."

The chatter in my office is conflicted...some say the meniscal root cannot be billed since another procedure was successfully completed (ACL reconstruction) and others say it can be billed with -52 to show it was unsuccessful.

Any thoughts?
I would wait to see what he wants to do first. Depending on that, was it known the meniscus needed repair before the case or was it decided intra-operatively? I assume it would be prior. Was it a surgery that required pre-auth, and if so, was the root repair pre-auth'd? If it was known prior, why were the correct instruments not there?
We would need to know these answers prior to deciding. It may be reportable with a 52 but depends on the questions and, does the provider really want to charge for it if it was not successful? Do they want to charge for it and then bring the patient back to potentially charge that same CPT again. In what time frame would they return, during the global of this case?