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I saw this question on the forum but no one answered it. I was hoping for better results this time. I have a physician that is doing a plantar medial and lateral nerve release. Can code 64704 be billed out twice in the same setting with a mod 59?

PROCEDURE #6: Release of the medial and lateral plantar nerves. A 6 cm incision was extended to the medial aspect of the foot over the abductor hallucis muscle. Sharp dissection was carried down to the abductor hallucis muscle, which was carefully teased away. Atrophy of the muscle was noted with a fatty ingrowth noted to the muscle. Therefore, the abductor hallucis muscle was retracted and the fascia around the abductor hallucis muscle and a point of compression of the medial and lateral plantar nerve was released. Next, the septum between the medial and lateral plantar tunnels was identified and the medial plantar tunnel was released. The medial and lateral plantar nerves at this point were released all the way into the mid aspect of the foot and no further impingement was appreciated. Copious irrigation with normal saline was performed and some varicosities were noted over the medial plantar nerves were cauterized. Next, at this point subQ closure and skin closure performed with deep closure over the fascia was made.

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I'm going to vote yes

I have never coded this myself yet. But in looking at the nerves and especially how they branch out I would vote yes. There is an MUE of 4 which would indicate that they are allowing two per side.