92250-retina scans


Jackson, TN
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Hello all! I have a question

We are a medium size medical center (family practice) We have purchased the equipment and provide the retina scan services for our patients. We do not read the scans- but an optometrist from another facility reads them. Am I correct in saying that we should bill 92250-TC since we are only providing the equipment and the eye dr would bill 92250-26 for his portion?

The other part of my question- If we credential the optometrist with us can we can bill for both the professional and technical component ? If so then the optometrist would not bill for the professional component since we would be. we would just pay him a set amount per read. Any thoughts on this? I just want to make sure we are doing this correctly. If we credential him as a contractual employee then we could bill the whole thing. 92250 with out any modifier? Thanks!