Acupuncture add-on codes


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Can 97810 and 97814 be billed together? I found this on the CMA website, however the 97810 is without electric stim and 97814 (add-on) is with electric stim.

-Initial acupuncture HCPCS 97810 OR 97813, with or without acupuncture HCPCS add-on codes 97811 AND/OR 97814 on the same date of service (DOS). It doesn't matter which initial code is reported with which add-on code but only one initial HCPCS 97810 or 97813 are allowed per DOS.

Therefore, per CPT, you should never code 97810 and 97813 on the same claim. A simple rule of thumb is to never combine 97810 and 97813 on a single claim for acupuncture services because these two codes both describe an initial 15 minute treatment with insertion of one or more needles.
So the primary code for 97814 is 97813 (with electrical stim) and the primary code for 97811 is 97810 (without electrical stim). You cannot use an add on code for another code if its not the primary procedure