Question aortic root replacement etc coding help


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Please help to code the following:

Patient had ruptured ascending aortic aneurysm with pericardial tamponade. Status post cardiac arrest, intubation and respiratory support.

Procedures performed: Ascending aorta and root replacement with a 23 mm St Jude valve conduit, interposition 12 mm Dacron graft from aortic conduit to innominate artery. Left femoral artery and vein cannulation and repair. Right subclavian artery cannulation with 8 mm interposition graft. Innominate vein interposition graft with 8 mm Gore-Tex. Chest tube.

I have code 33863 but not sure about other codes. I need to discuss this with the physician but don't know what questions to ask for more clarification and possible codes to review with him.

Thank you in advance.