AVG Help- What all can I code here?


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1. US guided puncture of right upper extremity AVG
2. US guided puncture additional site of right upper extremity AVG
3. Fistulogram with mechanical thrombectomy balloon angioplasty
4. Selective catheterization first order vessel brachiocephalic trunk
5. Balloon angioplasty of brachiel artery severe stenosis

Using US, I was able to visualize the left upper extremity AVG. Exchange was then made for wire micropuncture sheath 035 wire was advanced into
the central venous system. Exchange was then made for 7 french sheath. I did the same maneuver with cannulization into the arterial system.
Exchange was made for stiff Glidewire Bernstein catheter which was navigated into the brachiocephalic trunk. Angiogram was then completed
which demonstrated stenosis within brachial artery. I then exchanged this for a 6mm balloon angioplasty of the brachial artery was then completed
which promoted excellent inflow. Given the findings change was then made for a Trerotola which was utilized to clean the arterial limb and subsequently the venous limb. Stiff Guidewire was then navigated into the venous limb where balloon angioplasty of the AV graft was then completed along the venous outflow system. Complete angiogram showed excellent flow.


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I would go with 36905. It looks like this is routine imaging of the parent artery and is not separately billed.

If the brachiocephalic trunk angiogram was to evaluate central native arterial inflow disease then you can report 36215 with 75710.