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We are a Plastic Surgery Team that has many breast surgeons in the practice. One of the doctors had asked me:
"When I see breast cancer patients for follow up, yearly exam am I to use the Z08 after completed treatment for malignant neoplasm? Personal history of breast cancer z85.3 with extra designation to identify side, quadrant, and estrogen status? Then if they are on endocrine therapy do I use the code for long term use of SERM or AI, z79.810 or z79.811?
This is what she had been taught, I was just wondering if this was necessary and if so/not, then what are the reasons. We had not been coding that way, so I just want to make sure that I get this correct and I can explain to her the reasons.
Thank you very much in advance!


Austin, Texas
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I only use Z08 with the cancer dx once after they have completed treatment. I was also taught that if they are on endocrine therapy to continue to code the cancer dx (side, quadrant & estrogen status) along with the Z79.810/Z79.811 as long as they were on the therapy. Once they have "completed" the endocrine therapy I was told to switch back to Z85.3. I haven't had issues using Z85.3 with the Z79.810/Z79.811 to any carriers. Sometimes the patients transfer in and haven't had "treatment" with us, they are just wanting us to do the follow ups so all we might have is the Z85.3