Question Can any one tell me the CPT or HCPCS on Lipogems procedures with knee arthroscopy

Clifton, NJ
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An Orthopaedic has started to do Lipogem injection in our ASC. Can anyone give me any guidance on a CPT code or an HCPCS code? The FDA has authorized the procedure
and I can find information on how to perform the procedure but no information on coding. Below is the template being used for dictation for the procedure.
Thank you
PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Bilateral knee osteoarthritis.
POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Bilateral knee osteoarthritis.
PROCEDURE PERFORMED Lipogems procedure with injection of stem cells to both knees, which were harvested from patient’s fat cells and from their stomach area.
DESCRIPTION OF PROCEDURE: The patient was taken to the operating room. The Patient abdomen and bilateral knee were then draped and prepped in the usual sterile manner.
Tumescent was injected into the belly fat, on both quadrants left and right side of the belly button. We waited 20 minutes and at that point, the fat cells were harvested in the process using the processor provided by Lipogems. At that point, we were able to harvest copious amount of fat cells and had about 15 mL of stem cells for each knee.
We harvested the fat cells four times; twice from the left side of the belly button and twice from the right side. We make sure that we do have plenty of cells to inject.
Once the processing was completed, 15 mL was injected into the left knee. This was performed after arthroscopy was completed and injected from the superolateral portal and 15 mL were injected into the right knee in similar fashion.
Small bandages were applied and the patient was transported to the recovery room in stable condition.