Question Can we append Hospice Modifiers (GW/GV) to CPT G2024

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As we are getting denial from Medicare , can we append Hospice Modifiers - GW to CPT G2024 (Specimen collection for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (sars-cov-2) (coronavirus disease [covid-19]) from an individual in a snf or by a laboratory on behalf of a hha, any specimen source) for Medicare Carriers.
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Hi - Is it possible the problem is the code? The COVID-19 FAQs at say:

Question: Who can bill for the Medicare specimen collection fee?

Answer: Independent laboratories can bill Medicare through their MAC for the specimen collection fee. The specimen collection fee applies if the specimen is collected by trained laboratory personnel from a homebound or non-hospital inpatient and the specimen is a type that would not require only the services of a messenger pick up service. However, the specimen collection fee is not available for tests where a patient collects his or her own specimen.

If you are billing for an independent lab, perhaps the path/lab forum community has some insights.

Deborah Marsh, JD, MA, CPC, CHONC
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