Cardioverter-defibrillator SUBCUTANEOUS LEAD INSERTION

Michelle Thompson

Central Philadelphia chapter
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Need help finding a code for - Revision of AICD , placement of left lateral chest subcutaneous lead insertion.

(from op note)
An incision was made over the scar of the previous AICD placement on the Rt subclavicular fassa. The skin was divided with the scalpel: the electrocautery was used to divide the subcutaneous tissue. The AICD pocket was entered. The sutures used to anchor the AICD were removed. The AICD generator was brought out to the surgical field. A 2cm second incision was made on the left subclavicular fossa. The subcutaneous tissue was divided down to the fascia. A peel away introducer was placed on the subcutaneous tissue of the lateral & posterior Lt chest wall, a subcutaneous lead was inserted into the introducer and the sheath was peeled away. A tunneler was then selected and a subcutaneous tunnel was created from the Lt to the RT subclavicular fossae. The lead was then attached to the tunneler and delivered to the AICD pocket. The lead was attached to the generator.