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Hello everyone,
I am new to coding for orthopedics and I was curious on how to code for casting and the supplies? So example a patient broke their arm and needed a cast, we would do a fracture care code and everything is included in that code for that first visit except the supplies? Does Medicare cover casting supplies and what codes do we use the A or Q set of codes? Any other follow ups and needed a new cast we would code for the application and the supplies?
Any insight on this is appreciated. Thank you all for your time.



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Medicare covers the Q-codes for casting supplies. Medicare never covers A-codes, your HCPCS book will tell you what A-codes they cover if any - it's highlighted a different color depending on your version.

THe first casting is included in the Fx care code. So you would be correct in billing for the Fx care and a Q-code as long as the documentation supports it. Be aware, there is information on the website that the cast must be applied by the physician in order to bill for it. A simple check is not enough documentation to support that.